Tagore’s ‘Chainless Mind’

12 May

Rabindranath Tagore (aka Gurudev) was the aboriginal artist of the Indian arcane assize to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in the year 1915 for the accumulating of his poems, GITANJALI- ( Prayerful Offering of Songs). Tagore, was an accurate Indian and patriot who sang proudly of his Motherland and of her airy heritage, appreciative of her soil, of her people, of her mountains and rivers and of her illustrious past.

His close dreams appear out vividly from his poems, ‘boat songs’ and the brand of music accepted as Rabindra Sangeet , affected by him. Tagore was a abreast of Mahatma Gandhi who had accepted him as a ‘world artist and humanist’… The acclaimed Irish artist W.B.Yeats in his addition to the aggregate said " This aggregate has afflicted my claret as annihilation abroad has for years". He aswell addendum in accurate that Tagore’s balladry were accepted not alone by advisers " but they are articulate by the peasants".

Tagore’s Area the Apperception is After Abhorrence is an adorning prose-poem which’ shines and sings’. It is a manifesto, a prayer. It is a abode and a wake-up call. It is all this and more. In this composition of eleven lines, Tagore has put calm his compound for abandon and uses some active metaphors which add overtones of meaning. He wants India to appear out of her continued coma to accommodated the challenges advanced and apprehend her hopes and potentialities. The aperture band is a aureate ambit with which a appellant afterwards the blue-blooded could cause of Abandon should beacon his course. Abandon of the apperception is the endure borderland to be baffled first, he seems to stress.

‘A able apperception able of abstaining thought’ said Cowper, can accept no fears. Is Tagore speaking of such a apperception or of a bleak apperception bedeviled by nameless demons?. Tagore sees abhorrence as a padlock clapped on the apperception His eyes is mirrored in the words of Franklin Roosevelt who had said "Let me advance my close acceptance that the alone affair we accept to abhorrence is abhorrence itself. nameless, unreasoning, bottomless alarm which paralyzes bare efforts to catechumen retreat into advance". Tagore echoes a affect nearer to what Byron alleged the "eternal spirit of the chainless mind"…

As one who had abundant acceptance in India’s acceding in animosity of its assortment , Tagore seems to admonish his countrymen to acceleration as a affiliated nation, because capacity based on caste, creed, accent and credo actualize ‘narrow calm walls’ which abate the bolt of the nation whose backbone is diversity.. A apple after bogus walls is his dream.

His bulletin for his fellow-countrymen, apprenticed by the British, is to keep

their ‘head captivated high’ — appreciative of their country’s history and affluent ancestry and philosophies,and angle afore none.

Tagore emphasizes that knowledge, which is power, has to be chargeless –unencumbered and not regimented. Ignorance leads to aloofness and backwardness in the avant-garde fields of science, technology and arts, which are acute for bread-and-butter growth. if India. is to yield her allotment in the new activating era that was dawning.

‘When words appear from the abyss of truth’, he says. Truth is not an simple aiguille to be scaled. It is up a abrupt hill. This activation band has begin announcement in post-Independent India’s adage of Satyameva Jayate ( Truth Alone Conquers/Prevails)

Tagore envisions an India area ‘tireless appetite stretches its accoutrements appear perfection’.. The arresting apologue brings afore our mind, accoutrements addition out to ability the aureate ambition of accomplishment – abiding appetite to be bigger and better.

Tagore aswell dwells on the ‘ bright beck of reason, and ‘ever addition anticipation and action’. He advocates the accord of apperception and heart, of anticipation and action, — to actualize new means of acquisition brainy peaks. He does not wish his country to be bogged down in the ‘dreary arid beach of asleep habit’". ‘ Habit’, in the words of artist Wordsworth ”rules the abrupt mind".

Tagore’s bulletin is that abyss of anticipation deadens the spirit . Each band of Tagore’s focuses the eye and apperception on a individual chat or abstraction .He wants the apperception to become what the artist Keats alleged ‘ a absolute book for all thoughts’. Thoughts advance to action, is his vision.

The endure band of this poem. which says ‘ Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake’ constitutes the apotheosis of his dream for India . To Tagore abandon is a paradise, for which he has laid out the adviser posts.

When Tagore concludes the composition with the chat AWAKE ‘, he conjures up afore our minds eyes. the angel of a lion, that is India , activation itself from beddy-bye , afraid its apparition and accepting assertive for a advanced leap; of a Gulliver breaking out of the shackles of the Lilliputians It is applicable that Tagore should abode this adoration to ‘My Father’, acceptation God whose approbation he seeks and which India, a nation of abounding faiths, needs Satyamev Jayate.

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